Hello readers! And welcome to the Portfolio tab, these are more in-depth collections of images I've put together to show my eye in photography and build an idea of my capabilities for potential clients in the future, when I obtain a decent camera. Rather than my admittedly very capable S23U or my wonky Canon 400D. 

I hope you enjoy the content and look forward to watching my catalogue expand!

The Victory Show. (Cosby) 2023 (3rd of sept)

Is it a Bird? Is a plane? NO! It's multiple planes, tanks and stalls, it's the Cosby Victory Show! This is probably going to be my biggest entry yet, so let's getting cracking. We have alot of ground to cover.  (Shot on Samsung S23 Ultra)

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A Temporary Goodbye

Let's make it absolutely perfectly clear, that I'm no florist. I don't know what half of these are, I just know we sell them and they're so pretty. (Shot on Samsung S23 Ultra)

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