This is where I can get deep and/or creative, writing both fictional stories and nonfictional yet dramatized entries about my life. These will almost be exclusively text based pieces with very little to no imagery. I hope to advanced my literacy here by learning retired words from our lexicon, as a way to assemble beautiful stories.

Thank you Shawn Coss

A friend recently introduced me to an artist called Shawn Coss, he did a collection of art about disorders and mental illnesses, I'd like to show the ones relevant to me.

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Swan Heart.

I admire these beautiful birds, they find their partner for life and that's it. Tied by the neck till death do they part, but in our hearts? No swans are swimming in that bog. I'd love to love, form a relationship to last a life time, I thought I had it a few times. But be it an uncrossable distance blocked by financial interference.

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