College Portraits.

Published on 22 September 2023 at 23:21

College logs 2021-2022: Chapter 1 | (Shot with NIKON D60)

(DISCLAIMER: None of these people are me, but I obviously took the photos and have used these in online projects previously. No one is in here that I haven't previously had permission to use in my work.)

I've spent four years of my life in education for both photography and video, however my 2021-2022 course was the best of the three courses in that four years. Let's delve into the portraits from that time. 

Our first willing participant, the edge lord himself, Ethan.. One of the more naturally expressive people to photography during the course, always jumping at the opportunity to do something silly or daring 'for the gram'. Some of the more interesting images and action shots would take place wirh Ethan as the Subject.

Now we move onto Becky, whom of which just became a mother! Congrats to Becky! Paired with Dani. Always a laugh taking images of or with these girls. Very bubbly personalities which I think we captured quite successfully!

Welcome the iconic duo, Chloe and Izzy! Absolutely beautiful souls, so lovely spending that year with you both in our close group! :)

Simple portraits of KJ, I haven't a clue when these are from, however they fit the bill for this article so here we are!

Honourable mentions:

The next two sections are of people whom were ex-students at the time of the photoshoot. Firstly we have the man scooter legend himself, Troy. He texted me he'd be in the area if I wanted to say hello, so naturally I brought a camera with me. 

Lastly, two photos of my long time friend, Ashton. We met in high school in 2016, he's one of those lucky few who can pull off any style/look. From a long curly blue undercut, to the suit paired with a buzzcut. He's rocked it all over the years which we see being displayed, two contrasting archetypes can be viewed below. (Shot with Samsung Note 9)

That's the lot for this collection, essentially dumping all my old stock that's been taking up space, difference being i now have somewhere to leave it all! :)

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