Personal Blog

Hello fellow readers! This is where you'll find photoblogs I've posted that are more of a day-to-day entry rather than an aesthetical piece of work in my portfolio. Just collections of images I wanted to share for myself. :)

Rutland Farm Park.

Traveled pretty far out to Rutland for a visit to the vet, while the pet was in there we found some things to do. (Canon 5Diii)

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Bask In Corn.

Some of these were taken during a darker period I'm coming to terms with through this blog. Rather than ignore that it ever happened, sometimes it's best to look our beasts head on showing no fear. Also, corns great! Don't be scared to eat your veggies! :)

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Leicester Pride 2023 (Sept 2nd)

In this entry, I'll be walking you through the events of this year's Leicester pride! The march started at the Curve Theatre and made it's way to Abbey Park for the pride festival itself. (Shot on Samsung S23 Ultra)

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Rest In Peace Grandad.

As the title entails, my grandfather has recently passed away, my paternal grandfather specifically. At the ripe age of ninety, he'd had a long, happy and prosperous life. Today I'll be writing about the exequy in plentiful detail, as this was a beautiful ceremony I'd rather not let escape my mind. Let's get cracking.

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Suiting Up For The Club.

Friday 18th of August. So we start the day off with me helping my friends mum out at her playgroup, but I have to skip basically all of that for privacy, just know that it was knackering, takes alot of physical labor, and took place from about 11:20 till 17:40ish.

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My 1st Theory Test and Sweeney Todd

Hello fellow readers! Our first personal entry to the blog, I'm excited. I've been wanting to get a blog out there since 2017 and this whole website I'm working on is really feeling like home. Let's get cracking. :)

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