This Barbie Wrote A Blog - Introduction

Published on 12 August 2023 at 02:54

Well, we're finally here! What's next? A podcast? I would actually love to look into that, but I digress. Welcome to me!

This particular entry will be an Introduction of sorts, Who is Eden Quillen? What content can we expect here? Will it be posted on a schedule? (No), we'll find out together hopefully! To say this is a first for me would be a lie, I've had a string of Blogs across the web since 2017, some were mere drafts that never left the trenches, and some made it into the battlefield of the net. However, they've since been Wreck-Ralph'd off the internet, and no, Felix can't fix it.

Since 2017 however, the options for free or cheap blogging plans have expanded, no more are we cursed to use Zuckerbook or Reddit to post a Blog FOR FREE.

I'll be posting various blogs on this website. It'll split between personal entries and photography. simply put, if you were hoping to learn the latest Lemon Loaf recipe from me, or find a step-by-step how-to guide, you're on the wrong blog. 

The photography blogs I post will continue an array of images mainly from my Samsung S23 Ultra, I rarely pick up my proper camera as it's an old Canon 400D, with a lot of faults and errors. I need to upgrade at some point but money is tight in this 'Cozzy-live'!

So back to me for a moment, let's introduce you to the gauche lad that is me.

  • I'm currently Twenty-One as I'm writing this.
  • I work part-time in retail, so if we go a week or 2 between entries, don't panic. I can get a bit busy.
  • I'm a photographer when I can be bothered.
  • Otherwise, I'm a gamer.
  • I love blasting music into my drums while I work, so currently got T-swift on while I put this all together.
  • I'm gay, not massively important to the blog but it might become obvious at some point, so let's just get it out the way now.

I think that's it for now... You'll find out more about me over time, but that covers the basics.


Welcome to Quillen's Camera. :)

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a year ago

Excellent to see you writing and sharing updates on yourself and your photography more often. Bookmarked the site and looking forward to reading more... can't wait for more posts!

a year ago

Ayy thanks for dropping by Mace! I appreciate the support, and same to you! I'm always stopping by for the latest scoop on the Hinckley Free Press! ;)