Até Took Thy Sanity, Thou Broke My Heart.

Published on 20 September 2023 at 13:58

This is about to get sad so buckle up.

His Kappa joggers were navy blue much like his expression, he'd had a regression into his deep depression. What started as an obsession had become a dispossession of his reflection. The mind we knew had flew away, she called him gay but he chose to stay. That wouldn't be the last slap in this disarray. With futher abuse his violet mind left on the loose, washed to grey it was a disappointment that I'll say.

Little is known what started her whine and his moan, from what we can tell it happened over the phone, but I didn't get that call. I was the only one of all to be left, I'll never know this truth, an eternal theft. Was it me or was it her, the answers are lost I can concur. 

I'll miss the days we shared, the memories made from double dares. Did she change this or did you want it to change? Maybe you can tell us if we have that next exchange?

We played our games but she played us. The door to that friendship has long since been engulfed in rust. An uncommon name from letter twenty two, but that's the last I'll hear of it for you. I miss us man, I really do.

I have avoided this tragic event in my life for years, which is an unhealthy and long road to take. Next time, just talk about the experience from the beginning, this makes the grieving easier allowing you to continue with your life at a hasty pace.