The Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

Published on 25 September 2023 at 01:39

You have to want to change, left naturally nothing will happen.

Growing up I longed for my own sense of self, for I saw someone else in the mirror most days. As my wonder years grow to pass, so did the crew cuts. I'd become sick of conforming to a bland grey cookie-cutter student style, I'd known what I needed and it was time I worked to have it.

A humble pair of punk-ish boots began the metamorphosis, it's amazing what minute occurrences can serve as the catalyst to a greater forthcoming change. As time passed, glasses frames were picked, wardrobes were changed and the hair grew. 

Primarily blaming COVID, I finally had the opportunity to grow lushious locks of my own. Gradually going from sandpaper to hagrid, putting all the other changes together. He had finally come to town, he is me. Who I was always meant to be.





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