Suiting Up For The Club.

Published on 20 August 2023 at 11:51

Friday 18th of August. So we start the day off with me helping my friends mum out at her playgroup, but I have to skip basically all of that for privacy, just know that it was knackering, takes alot of physical labor, and took place from about 11:20 till 17:40ish.



So, now she's driving me to a Primark as I've got to buy a suit. She paid me for helping out which she doesn't normally do, but her daughter wasn't here to help out this week so I got it! £40, I was obviously very grateful, in more ways than one, only had to put £6 of my own money into the suit, which as someone working in retail, that's a good saving. I saved money here which meant I could have fun later...

So I'm getting ahead of myself, I headed into Primark, got the suit, thankfully, the small amount of options they had left were perfect for me, I tried it on, bought it, rest is history.

Annoyingly I didn't take a photo with the jacket on, and the video isn't stable enough to grab a still image from, but I'm sure you'll see it later in a mirror selfie.

Back at the 'gaff', dad slings a pizza in the oven while I shower, after all that effort I needed it, it's alot and you get so sweaty!  I make myself all presentable. Pick a nice outfit, rebraid my hair, enhale the pizza and head out to wait for the bus.

The arrived 10 minutes late, what a shocker, but eventually I'm on it, heading down to town while blasting T-Swift and other random playlists into my skull. I took a bus that was a bit further out than I'd realised I could of took, but hey, I got there, it started to pour down but thankfully the city has lots of canopies etc covering the way!

BOOM, I make it to the Pre-drinks spot we'd chose for the occasion, (there was no real occasion, but we hadn't met up in awhile). And so the catch up and drinks begins.

Over the course from nine till about eleven, we'd been to three bars, which is more than we'd normally do, now it was time to head to the actual club of the night. Which was one of our local gay clubs, the city has three as far as I've been told, but I only know two of them and have only been to one. This one, a fair few times.

Helsinki, it's pretty magnificently gay. This particular night was Beyonce and Gaga night, this isn't a regular thing per-say. More of an event they decided to hold, it was very good! Definitely preferred Gaga's beats but Beyonce has a few here and there I suppose. 


After the night concludes, We go outside and wait for some Ubers, my two friends go in one and I go in another. My driver drove like a bat out of hell, so that was terrifying, but I lived... Sheesh.


This concludes Friday, let's move onto the very eventful Saturday I had.

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