My 1st Theory Test and Sweeney Todd

Published on 17 August 2023 at 23:10

Hello fellow readers! Our first personal entry to the blog, I'm excited. I've been wanting to get a blog out there since 2017 and this whole website I'm working on is really feeling like home. Let's get cracking. :)

17th of August.

Thursday 17th of August, I woke up very relaxed and refreshed. I make breakfast and all that morning routine crap. Boringggg NEXT! So once I'm finally dressed, I set out to the local barbers. The mop on my head was looking unacceptable, while I wasn't personally in a rush to have the messy unkept undercut, retrimmed, I have a funeral on Monday (Aug, 21st) so I'd like to look fresh and presentable... Ideally.


So I get to the barbers, and for the third day in a row the whole place is closed. Bummer, hoping they haven't gone bust... They were open four days ago but too busy and I had work in an hour, so didn't go in. Natually in result of that, I've decided I'll take two buses to travel an hour and a half, to a town on the border of the county. I won't name this town, for my own privacy. But basically, I used to go college in a town about fifteen miles away, don't worry dad drove me, I wouldn't take that insane bus journey every day! But yeah natually since I'm always in that area far from my own, it was easier to get trims up there as everything would be shut by the time I'm back at home.


So yeah, traveling fifteen miles for a haircut before I run out of time before this funeral, as I'm very picky and nervous with going into hair places. It's so awkward just sitting there while they chop away. Love the end result but wish I had the skill to do it myself, I'd never go again!


That's it for the hair saga, let's cut to the Vroom Vroom part of this entry.

After all that drama in the above segment, It was time to leave in the getaway car to the city centre, I had a Theory test at three in the afternoon, I've been so nervous for this the last few days, barely studied admittiedly but hey, live and learn. You go in and they ask for your license , give you a locker key, make you turn off your phone and lock it in it in front of them, pretty serious anti-cheat pratices going on, as they should. I go in, another quick examination of me of sorts, check my pockets etc, then I'm told which desk is mine. Desk two, to those that care. I trot over and take a seat. Long story short... I failed, yes, but I didn't tank it!.

  • Multi-choice questions: 40/50 (Need 43 or more to pass)
  • Hazard perception: 55 of 70 (Passed. Need 45 to pass)

I think now I've done it once and know what to expect, I'll be fine next time. I hope...


Well that's it for todays entry, I want to post this while it's still "Today" (17th),  normally with my blogs. I write them over a few days, which will still happen for the diary entries as I do get busy. But this a small yet eventful day. So yay, a Blog that only took about three hours to put out! (I kept procrastinating).


See you soon all. :)

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