The Little Dessert Shop. (Waffles & Shakes)

Published on 19 September 2023 at 03:46

A heavenly establishment that deserves to go viral, welcome to my first food blog, will this become a regular occurrence? (No I don't branch out enough) Hopefully! (Shot on Samsung S23 Ultra)

Take in the menu filled with a vast selection of decadent treats; from milkshakes and smoothes, to waffles, cakes and ice cream. It's safe to say this quaint pâtisserie has something fit for your gullets pallet.

The Brussels style waffles accompanied by a boundless selection of mellifluous fixings at the ready for your cull. Depending on how you play your cards, the consumer can either start the day off right for breakfast or end the day with a postprandial somnolence (Food Coma). I can concur both are a lovely result to find one's self in!

This enticing array of petits fours is just simply mouthwatering, if it weren't for my recent self-discovery of being lactose intolerant I would have gone for a gâteau au fromage paired with a milkshake! But oh well, I had work the next day and didn't need the runaround throughout that. It's worth noting that to my actual knowledge, this place isn't french, I'm just using fancy french pastry terms for the immersion into this lovely food! Sidenote: I don't know if they offer dairy free or vegan alternatives, for me I just picked something that was gonna have the least offensive impact on my systems.

These angelic incandescent amber lamps encased in what I assume is brass, are just so aesthetically pleasing, in addition to the vivid imitation verdure. This setting is perfect for a date or casual encounter with friends for a catch up.

And lastly, the arguably least pleasing photo in the collection, the food itself. This image isn't disappointing to any fault of the food, rather my inability to showcase how appealing a dish may be. I certainly won't be taking up food photography professionally!

And with that, we end our brief but notable chapter at the Little Dessert Shop. If you have one in your local area I'd absolutely recommend paying it a visit, and get the app as they have varying offers included something free on your birthday! Can't say no to free nosh! I must say before I finish, twas hard to decide whether to place this article in the portfolio or personal tab. Photogenically it should go in 'Portfolio', but typographically 'Personal' is more fitting. Alas, I digress from the side rant, just be sure to check out both categories regularly! ;)


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