Spare Wheel.

Published on 29 June 2024 at 03:02

I'm just a spare

if in despair I'll be around but often underraps, forgotten, scrap yard bound.

I'm just a spare, I've not found my nuts to bare in this world. So I'll watch my mates, Axel, Cam and Dash huddle while I sit cold in the back. Me and Jack.

I'm just a spare, unappreciated, underpaid, sometimes overused. They can never get it right with a spare. Dumped in the back without a care.

I'm just a spare, thought you wouldn't need me so took six months to notice I had five lugs not three. Neglect has lead to stuck with three treads while ones jammed in a tree.

I'm just a spare, i know you don't care. Hubcap Vs alloy how could I truly compare? It's a body shop competition that's never been fair. I'm a 3 cylinder while your a V12 drifter.

I'm just a spare. The journey started cos of you but it couldn't of finished without me. Now I roll, unrusted and free.