The Strange Butterfly Effect.

Published on 14 February 2024 at 14:03

A thank you to Life Is Strange (2015).

Let's take you through the plot of this heartwarming, gut wrenching, tear jerking tale. The reunion of two childhood best friends. Chloe, a rough-around-the-edges blue haired punk girl, into heavy mental and light recreational use. Paired with Max the polar opposite goodie two shoes geek girl, who listens to chill indie music, has a love for Instant-Print photography and a tendency to be a wallflower. Our heroine recently discovered she had the ability to manipulate time, in an event that would allow her to cheat death of her friend. This is an action that will have consequences. As the story unfolds, max keeps making desperate attempts to save Chloe, not having realised this was tearing the world apart. A tornado is about to wipe out the town. Our heroine has 2 choices, let Chloe go, in doing so restoring all as it should of been... or they skip town as the tornado engulfs the bay with debris and despair.

This story was who I wanted to be, and I'm finally there I think.

I wanted to combine the elements from this beautiful story, into my very being. I wanted to have Chloe's aesthetic. I wanted the punk look; The boots, dads jacket, a piercing, a tat now, try some crazy haircut and now finally dying it blue specifically. The freedom to express and be edgy, not giving a sod about what anyone says. the necklaces and bracelets. edgy music I eventually got into, in fact black boots and music was the start, this games sound track is unmatched.

Along with also-

I loved Max's hobby, her way of thinking and seeing the world, her compassion and understanding of people, being there for everyone even if it means sometimes neglecting herself. I Wanted to get into photography professionally, or have a decent phone at least to start, now I have it all as I worked for it. I wanted to go to college for photography, videography and actually live a life with mates and see the world I was too scared to see outside my walls, through all those years of ostragisation. No more! I saw how wearing earbuds helped her navigate the busy college hallways and thought that could help me actually leave the house. It was a double edged sword but it did the job, now I don't require it anymore to get out and about.

I truly owe where I am today, what I've done, who I am, how I love, how I see the world, my inspirations and aspirations, my character development, I owe it all to this beautiful story.

This action had consequences, and I'm grateful.