Return To sender.

Published on 22 October 2023 at 14:11

I'm over it now and I never thought I'd be able to truly say that. This is a letter to an old friend.

You left me in my bed in a state, walking away shutting both my door and the digital one between us. Access denied and I didn't have the Administrator permissions to get back in, not anymore.

You hurt more than any knife Micheal Myers could pull out. More than any break up I've had. Deaths of relatives. You were my Superman, but I didn't expect you to fly off like him too. I've always missed you, I've never hated you, and I'll always keep a seat for you. A little birdy tells me you don't feel the same, you don't feel at all, numb to it all. You've got the matching name of a fictional 2006 Miami murderer, little did I expect it'd be my heart you'd ripped out off the clock.

Well as of late, I'm elated to say the hole in my soul has patched itself up. I've got a new friend now of whom I share a connection just as powerful if not more. I've missed this so much. Everyone needs a friend the same gender as them cos they get things about you, that the others cannot. And much as I love my female friends, I've missed this element of deep male to male friendships so much.

I appreciate everyone that I allow to stay in my life, so if you read this thinking I don't value you just cos someone new has come along. Don't.

"Every lover known in comparison is a failure." - Dr Taylor Alison Swift. Same can be said for friendship. Don't compare yourself to others. And this isn't a comparison of friends for me, this is the appreciation of someone new, that I've needed for awhile.

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