Published on 18 October 2023 at 10:38

We're all trapped one way or another.

A sinking ship; abuse behind the doors, a hospital you can't leave without penalisation, a college course you're too scared to drop out of, having social anxiety while also hating being alone. As I mature and meet more people, learning their stories, what they've overcome, I gradually realise I'm a bit of a magnet for people in shrapnelled lives. I've had friends come and go, many average some troubled. I've talked about the one that got away, who was too far gone. Today let's talk about the ones that have managed to survive the trails and tribulations of the human mind.

I've once or twice found myself on the phone at 2am with a friend whose contemplating life, yes, I'm talking about that, the deep dark stuff. I've convinced them to put the tool down and talk to me, then make them promise to go to bed and wake up in the morning. Successfully, and we're still friends to this day. Maybe I should of also called an ambulance during the call who knows, but regardless, they're alive today because of me. And I'm grateful I was raised in a way that's exposed me to enough complex mental health issues that I'm able to navigate the brain maze like that.

I've recently found out about my new friends run-in with mental health, which has nose dived due to some insane domestic abuse. I'd never of guessed until they'd told me about a week and a half ago what was happening and how bad it was. I'm just glad they survived and that I've earned the trust for said friend to talk openly with me. We met online about 4 months ago and it's been a joy getting to know eachother. A penpal of sorts. It's crazy what can be going on at the other end of the phone and you have no idea... Thankfully things are looking up for this friend now, so there's our happy ending.

I often think I'm not very sympathetic or empathetic, but recently I've remembered all these encounters with helping others with their mental health and how people have confined in me, and I see I actually am. My face just fails to express that I care.

What I mean by all this is, you truly never know what's going on in someone's life. So please please please try your best to keep an open mind, I know it's hard, trust me I'm no Saint. But we have to look out for eachother or fall like dominos.

I'm happy your still here, and I'd like to end this with a quote that is not mine. Although I'm not sure whose it is:

"Just know I'd rather listen to your story than attend your funeral". And I mean it, talk to me, call me, tell me you need help, I'm here. Someone in your life will listen! :)